The Process

Before the first visit – The Health History Intake Form can be downloaded directly from this website, or if you prefer it will be sent directly to you by email. As this form is quite detailed, please set aside some time to fill it out in the days approaching your appointment. If you have had recent blood work or imaging tests done, it is helpful to bring in a copy of the results.

First visit (60 – 90 minutes) – Please bring your intake forms, consent forms and copies of any recent blood work or imaging tests. The goal of the first appointment is for me to get to know you. I want to have a good idea of your medical history and current health concerns and to discuss the goals and expectations you have for naturopathic treatment. A complaint-oriented physical exam may be performed at this time. You will receive treatment recommendations on your first visit.

Second visit (30 - 60 minutes) – Generally scheduled two to four weeks later, the second visit includes a physical exam and answers any questions that have come up from the first visit. Once the medical history and physical exam have been completed, we will establish a treatment plan that contains short and long term goals for your health.

Return visits (30 – 60 minutes) – The time between return appointments depends on the severity of the condition and the therapies used. For example acupuncture may be done once a week if you are dealing with an acute physical or emotional issue, or once monthly for deeper emotional or spiritual concerns. Biotherapeutic drainage remedies are prescribed every four weeks. Someone on a health maintenance program may come in once every season for a check in.