Self Care, Self Healing and Seasonal Attunement: A Holistic Non-Residential Retreat with Carly Forest and Dr. Kristin Schnurr, ND

Location: The Yurt on Old West Saanich Rd.

Dates: Feb 12-14 - Friday night 6-9pm, Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 10-4

We will serve tea and snacks.  Cost $250

Join us for a weekend of practice, inspiration and inquiry as we explore the possibility for healing and increased self awareness in our daily lives. 

In mid February we will be in the midst of the transition from the place of deepest yin – inwardness, quietude and stillness, into the first stirrings of yang.  We sense something coming to life and looking for expression, both within us and around us.  It is time to bring the formless into form. This can be a challenging seasonal transition both physically and emotionally.  It is also an opportunity for us to bring forth emerging aspects of our essential nature.

In our retreat we will be exploring practices and teachings that integrate eastern and western understandings of self care and self healing.  In acknowledging our intrinsic connection to the earth and all of life, we develop an increased awareness of how our personal inner landscape is deeply connected to and affected by the seasonal landscape.  

Together we will explore alchemical Taoist teachings interwoven with naturopathic principles of health and well being as they relate to this season.  And, through the practices of yin yoga, meditation and personal inquiry, we will create a potent container for self healing and transformation.

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