I am fascinated by the inherent wisdom of our bodies and the interconnectedness of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.  My belief in our incredible capacity to heal is at the root of all work I do with my patients.

Just as in nature, everything is interconnected, and a stress on one level can manifest in many different ways.  Most often, health needs to be addressed  on more than one level – biochemical, structural, energetic and mental/emotional aspects of health all play a role.  In order for real healing to occur, your whole being must be considered.

I am interested in knowing as much as possible about your physical health, your emotional patterns, any major traumas or life stresses you may have experienced.  I want to understand how you see the world and how you relate to yourself and to the people in your life.

My relationship with each of my patients is unique.  I strive to create a warm, open and non-judgmental space in which people feel safe and understood.

In my assessment I rely on your wisdom, my naturopathic and acupuncture training, my clinical experience, lab testing as needed, my intuition and my innate ability to see the big picture, as together we address your health from a whole-person perspective.   

In formulating short and long-term treatment plans, I consider each person individually including their personal health priorities and goals, their constitution, sensitivity and current diet and lifestyle patterns. 

I feel deeply honored and privileged to be trusted with the unique and intricate details of people’s lives.  I cannot imagine a more rewarding role than that of gently uncovering and supporting each person in resolving any imbalances that may be contributing to less than optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.