Tending to our Physical and Energetic Boundaries - Caring for our Skin

health resources self-care skin care Jan 11, 2021

Healthy skin is vital for our survival, both emotionally and physically. As our largest organ, it acts as a protective barrier between the outside and inside of the body. It protects us from microbes and the elements, helps us to regulate our body temperature; it allows us to experience sensation and it is often the first sign that something is internally out of balance.

Our skin changes in response to our age and stage of life, how we nourish ourselves, our stress levels, the quality of our sleep and the health of our internal organ systems. On a physical level, skin care products including cleansers, moisturizers, cosmetics etc., can be a source of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs impact our endocrine system and hormonal balance, often in undesired ways, and can contribute to conditions like endometriosis or other reproductive issues. To limit exposure, we want to carefully consider what we put on our bodies, in addition to what we put in our bodies.

Taking all of this into consideration, I have recommended the Evan Healy holistic skin care line to many of you over the years. I have been personally using and sharing widely with everyone I know about her products since I was first introduced as a naturopathic student in Toronto. Patients were finding them challenging to source locally, so by popular request, we are now carrying her products in the clinic.

Created by wise woman and esthetician, Evan Healy, who based her products on the first principle of naturopathic medicine, that the body (including the skin) has an inherent ability to heal itself. Her products are simple, gentle, nourishing and supportive. She focuses on clean, whole plant ingredients that are sourced sustainably from small family farms and co-operatives. I am equally in love with her products as I am her philosophy.

The foundation of the line is the oil & water ritual. This is based on the skin’s hydrolipid barrier which is a sensitive and slightly acidic layer of lipids (oils) and perspiration (waters) that the skin creates to protect itself, regulate moisture levels and detoxify. For more information on this ritual:
https://www.evanhealy.com/pages/oil-water. Her website contains a wealth of information about her products and specifics for all skin types – dry & dehydrated, mature, sensitive & inflamed, balance, teen/blemished or oily & combination skin. Please reach out with any questions; we do have some samples and I am happy to make individual recommendations.


Your skin

Your skin is not troubled.
Your skin is not a problem.
Your skin is not confused.
Your skin is not broken.
Your skin is not ugly.
Your skin is not bad.
Your skin is remarkably resilient.
Your skin is protective.
Your skin is defensive.
It fights battles with pathogenic bacteria
that you are not even aware are going on.
Your skin is complex, it interacts with every
other organ system in your body.
Your skin is a diagnostic organ.
Your skin can heal itself.
Your skin is transformative.
Your skin is the largest organ of the body
and the only one you can see!

Your skin, in any condition, is beautiful and
important and surrounds you with the ability
to feel the exquisite embrace of others.
~ Evan Healy